Sunday, October 15, 2006


Yesterday I went to the graduation of my wonderful brother! It was a very nice day and I've decided that I want to make his college into my house. Of course that would invlove me kicking everyone else out, being entirely selfish and also moving to Manchester which wouldn't be too great, but seriously, that place would make a nice house. Well, more of a mansion really. It's the kind of place where you'd have to 'take tea' every afternoon out on the lawn whilst wearing pretty dresses and hats. Everyone ould have to speak with Queen's english too, of course.

Here's a picture for you to ooh and ahh at...

And next week, it's Harris child number 2 that graduates! That's all the way down in Winchester though, so I'm going to have to leave Sheffield at about 7am to get there in time... Also, despite having lived there for 2 years myself, it will be the first time that I've ever been inside the cathedral. Should be a thrilling experience, with it being famous and all!

Friday, October 13, 2006


I found this on my brother's blog and it made me laugh so much I decided to repost the link on here!

Watch this... errr.. rather interesting approach to evangelism. HA
I had the biggest crying session ever last night...

...But if you want onions in the dinner that you're cooking and you want them chopped up really small, it's the price you have to pay.

Rachael even came running into the kitchen to see if I was alright after she could hear me screaming 'My eyes!! Argh!'. And of course she had to wipe the streams of tears away from my face because if I had done it myself, it would have practically been the same as wiping the onion into my eye.

That would be the worst torture ever...

Prison Guard: You will talk, you filthy good for nothing peasant, or I'll wipe this onion in your eyes!

*Peasant squeals like a girl* Aaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!! Nooooooooo!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wow. Long time no see. But don't worry, I'm back!

I can't believe how much stuff I've been doing since I last posted on here. I also can't believe how much effort it is to set up the Internet on my computer so that it actually works and stays working.

But, now it does work and I'm back, hopefully for a very long time! I'm finally back at uni, but before that we had freshers week. It was the most awesome week ever for CU - we were even on BBC Radio Sheffield about the stuff we were doing! I think this year is going to be a good one...

Anyway, this is all I'm going to say for now because I've had quite a busy (but wonderful) weekend - had a great day int eh peaks yesterday and had a lovely french breakfast with Faye this morning (I had Croque Madame, in case you wanted to know) and I've just got back from church and I'm pretty tired.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Wow it's been a while

I'm not dead.

I haven't left you.

I've just been extremely busy and not near the Internet until now!

I had a fun birthday and then I was at rocknations and momentum, both of which were great fun, and I've been staying with Christiana as well. It's her sisters birthday today too, so we've been enjoying ourselves, and of course, eating an awful lot.

I think I'll stay here a few more days and then head back to Sheffield, where I'll hopefully be able to get the Internet sorted out in our house, so you'll have to wait until then to see the pictures of and hear about all the exciting things I've been up to!

OH YEAH! Today I found out that my 21st birthday is going to be on 08/08/08. HOW COOL IS THAT???

Friday, August 04, 2006


Sorry, I’ve been a bit lazy since I’ve been back, but I’m still going to write all about my holiday anyway! It’s gonna be pretty long, even if none of you actually want to read it, but just for my future reference, so I can remember all about it!

Day 1 – Sunday 16th July
This involved a 7 hour drive from Osnabruck to Buxheim, a little village n
ear Ingolstadt (north of Munich), where we visited one of my mums old friends, Claudia. We stayed in their house 10 years ago, but I was only 8, and all I could remember was the bathroom. I’m not kidding, it’s twice the size of my bedroom and has the biggest bath I’ve ever seen in the middle of it. It was the nicest house I’ve ever been in. ‘Huge’ would be a good word to describe it. Anyway, we got there at about 3pm and spent the rest of the day lazing about before visiting Eichstätt in the evening, where we had (apparently) the best ice cream in southern Germany.

Day 2 – Monday 17th July
This day was quite a lazy one, for me anyway, because mum spent a lot of time chatting with her friend. It did include about 2 hours of me teaching her how to use her new digital camera though, which she still can’t work properly.

In the evening, I went to my first proper concert ever. Every year in Ingolstadt, Audi sponsors ‘summer concerts’. We had great seats and enjoyed listening the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Christian Tetzlaff.

Day 3 – Tuesday 18th July
Me and mum went to Ingolstadt to look around. We ended up spending half of the day strolling around the Klenzepark, because it was so pretty. Firstly, we found the Secret Garden and sat by the fountain surrounded with pretty flowers (and also quite a few wasps, who were also enjoying the sun and the water) but then we moved to a kind of wooden gazebo thing on a pond with lilies on it and looked at the flowers and watched the fish swimming around in the water. I saw the biggest carp I had ever seen in my life in that pond, and it wasn’t even a massive pond. We enjoyed just being there in the quiet and in the shade, with the bright sun shining on everything else around us. I’m gutted that we didn’t take the camera, because it really was beautiful.

Day 4 – Wednesday 19th July
I complained earlier this summer, that I hadn’t seen enough of Germany, even though I’ve lived here all my life. Well, that’s certainly not true anymore
. On Wednesday we drove to Heidlberg, which (if any of you know any German geography) you will know is quite a distance!! Claudia had to go to a special clinic there, so me and mum went with them to look around the city while they were in the hospital. It’s a very nice city, I enjoyed it. We had a spot of lunch in one of the thousand cafés and then visited the castle. It was a steep trek, and tiring, but overall it was as very enjoyable day.

Day 5 – Thursday 20th July
We said goodbye to Ingolstadt and drove about 1 ½ hours down to Munich. There we stayed with some friends that mum lived with when she was in Hamburg in the 70s. They live in a large flat, which is right at the top of the block, so they have quite a nice terrace, full of flowers. We nearly got eaten by their dog, Aneas, upon arrival, who was a little excited to say the least. As we’d been to Munich before, and seen all the famous buildings, we decided to be a little more cultured and visit the Pinakothek der Moderne, which, along with some rather interesting furniture, architecture and other objects, houses paintings by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. I don't always enjoy modern art, but was pleasantly surprised here. But had to shut myslef up quite quickly when I blurted out :'Look at that! It's rubbish! Why would anyone put something like that in a museum, let alone paint the stupid thi- ooh, it's a Picasso... ahem, lets go. Not so loud Becky, not so loud.'

We then just spent the evening with the family. Over this time living with German families, I came to realise two things: firstly, that Germans like eating bread, meat and cheese A LOT; and secondly, I struggle to string a sentence together completely in German, but I understood nearly all of their conversations!

Day 6 – Friday 21st July
So, now it was time for Austria. About 1 ½ hours got us to the little village of Itter, near Wörgl. We just rested and enjoyed the hotel that day.

Day 7 – Saturday 22nd July
We drove back into Germany, just over the boarder, to Berchtesgaden, where Hitler had his house in the Alps. We went on boat in the Königsee, which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It’s the highest lake in all of Europe and was simply fantastic. At one point they stopped the boat and a man played a tune on a trumpet, so that we could hear the echo. I’ve never heard anything like it. That must have echoed for miles. We had lunch there, before walking a little further to another little lake where we had a visit from some very friendly ducklings before getting back on the boat to go to the other end of the lake.

If you look closely, you can see the Eaglesnest, Hitlers house on the top. One is zoomed in, the other is zoomed out… (ok, I know it is really small, the computer was being annoying and I can't make it any bigger!)

Day 8 – Sunday 23rdJuly
I’ll tell you this in case you ever decide to go: Sunday is a great day to go to Salzburg. Most of the shops are closed so there are hardly any crowds. It’s a lovely city. We were entertained by a man playing music on glasses, visited Mozarts birth house, wandered around and then visited the famous castle, which was definitely worth it. You go right to the top of the tallest tower, and you can see for miles around. This was mums favourite bit of the holiday – everywhere you went there was music playing, which made a great atmosphere.

Day 9 – Monday 24th July
This day was very tiring, but totally worth it. In the morning we went to Kitzbühel, which is famous for skiing, where we rather amazingly met the same people that we met on the boat on the Königsee – what a small world! Then we went on… It wasthe most awesome display of water I have ever seen in my life. Words and pictures don’t do it justice; you have to see it with your own eyes to be able to take in the size and power of it all. It’s called the Krimmler wasserfälle and is in three main stages. The whole thing falls 400m at took us 1 ½ hours to walk up the steep, zig-zagging paths to the top. I think the best word to describe it is just ‘wow’. Nothing else could demonstrate what it’s like. I'm going to put the pictures in a different post to make it easier - it's stressing me out putting the pictures in with all this writing.

Day 10 – Tuesday 25th July
Back to Salzburg. I had a wonderful time on the sound of music tour! Afterwards, we visited Mozarts house and the Residenz Palace. In the courtyard, a stage had been set up and there were people practising, so we managed to get ourselves a free opera!

Day 11 – Wednesday 26thJuly
I was SO tired from all the walking and travelling and being in the heat that we had the whole day off – I slept for half of it and then enjoyed reading a book called Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani.

Day 12 – Thursday 27th July
This day we went to Innsbruck. We climbed the tower, saw the Olympic ski jump and the famous golden roof, went inside the Dom ST Jakob and the Palace. It was quite a nice place and we enjoyed it, especially the Palace, but to be honest, that’s all there is to see! In the afternoon, we went to the Swarovski museum. Mum really liked it because she was fascinated by all the colours and stuff, but I found it a little boring. A little weird in places too. We visited a little town called Rattenberg on the way home, where we had a much needed ice cream.

Day 13 – Friday 28th July
All holiday, we’d been surprised by the lack of English people. It was quite nice as they were nowhere to be seen. Until we went to Söll, that is. I swear there weren’t even any Austrians there! It was a nice little town though. Mum bought a little Swarovski ornament and then we went on to look around Kufstein. We’d originally been planning to get the lift up the mountain (Hohe Salve) next to our hotel and walk down it, but after the climbing up and down the mountain on Monday, we decided against it, as we were just too tired, and mum had a long drive the next day.

Day 14 – Saturday 29th July
Home time! I was feeling pretty dead after the 9 hour drive… but we made it nonetheless!

Friday, July 14, 2006

YES! It's O V E R!!!!

I officially finished work today! I ensured that it was more leisurely than usual, meaning that I enjoyed more pauses for chit chat and breaks, of course. When I'd finished, I went home and then went back again half an hour later to return the minging blue jackets that they make people wear (but that I REFUSED to wear) and stopped in to say bye to Pedro. He then insisted on showing me his photos, so he ran off to find them while I was left in the office with a soldier who is one of those guys that goes on about cars and how he swears a lot and got really drunk the other night, trying to sound great but actually just sounding a little silly... you know the type I mean.

Aaaaannnyywaayy, Pedro came back and showed me his RIDICULOUS photos, which he then put on my bebo. Hmmm... they're, umm interesting. Lets just leave it at that...

It's a bit silly that I ended up staying at work much longer than I should have, especially seeing as it was my last day, but nevermind! It was entertaining so I can't complain.

All I will say now is: I really hope I don't have to work there again next summer. I don't think I could take it again...

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Only one more day of working to go! How great! I should never have to go there again!!

Well... I thought that same thing last year and look where I am now.... OH WELL!! I hope they throw me a leaving party... after all I have been there 4 whole weeks. hee hee. Maybe they wont.

Ooh and I almost got to go on a motorbike yesterday! But I said no because I was scared of scratching it. Well, that it is true, but it would be even more correct if I said I was simply scared of it. I can't even go full speed in a go kart, nevermind sit on a motorbike!

I'm going on holiday to the south of germany and then to Austria on Sunday which I'm sure will be good fun, but I'll be away for 2 weeks. Me and Mummy on a little adventure! Woo! We're going to Salzburg and will go ON THE SOUND OF MUSIC TOUR!!!! I can't wait, I think I might actually explode due to being over excited before we get there! Yaaaayyyy!!! Here's a little picture of where we're going to be staying....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Great people usually have something in common....

It turns out that I have the same birthday as Roger Federer! Also, my friends Kathryn and Ellie have the same birthday as Andy Murray, and well, great people usually have something in common, so that just shows a) how great I am and b) how good I am at picking friends.

Put August 8th in your diaries people, it's a VERY special day!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My great bike ride

I'm sure you're all really interested in this..... hmmmm haha Follow the littel red line...

Well, I'm proud of myself that I even managed to go this far on my bike TWICE so I'm showing you where I went. Obviously my siblings know where this is, so they will know that I have actually accomplished something amazing by me by choosing to cycle all this way when I could have sat in the garden with a nice drink and a nectarine enjoying the sunshine. The first time I went was with my grandad one afternoon a few weeks ago, but the other day when I did this again I couldn't go until 7.30pm because it is




at the moment. Even then I nearly died because I didn't take a drink with me. It's quite hilly around here too, you should feel sorry for me.

I was going to put a picture like this on the other day about my route to work, which has changed WONDERFULLY over the last week (I now only have to leave the house 5 minutes before I start instead of just over 20, so I now only have to get up at 7am!) but I thought putting a very zoomed in picture of where I work on the Internet and then talking about it in my other posts might be pushing it a bit... not like there's anything that terrorists would want around there anyway...

hmmm they haven't made me sign the official secrets act thingy, so technically I could give away all the top secret things I hear on a day to day basis without getting into trouble! I mean, I could tell you things that I hear like...

Soldier 1: 'You're such a fat ****'
Soldier 2: 'Oi! What you calling me that for?'
Soldier 1: 'What? I didn't say I wasn't too!'
Soldier 2: 'Oh, ok then.'

*In the thickest Scottish accent ever* 'There are quite a few peeepul that don't actually haf a job on a daaay to daaay basis round here. They just... sit arooond. That's aboooot it.

'With all due respect, Sir, **** ****** **** and it's not my ******* fault, **** ******, so I'm not going to ****** ******, ok?'

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Woo hoo! Come on!!!

Yes, it is as I thought. England SUCK. They do something once and they are incapable of doing it again. I am referring to.... rugby - win the world cup and practically nothing afterwards for ages.... cricket - managed to win the ashes from the aussies and, well, I don't even need to mention the absolute hammering that they took from Sri Lanka today, and lastly, football. I always knew they were never capable of winning the world cup this year. And I also predicted that Rooney would get annoyed and sent off, proving once again my magical powers of being super at guessing. BUT, all is not lost....


He beat Andy Roddick today and plays Marcus Bagdhatis on Monday which I'm sure will be just as exciting. You know, it was really quite rude of England and Portugal to have to go into extra time and into penalties because it meant that I could only watch a bit of the first part of the tennis match. I had to kept flicking from football to tennis because dad wanted to watch the football. Oh well it's all over now I suppose! All I'll say is...

... there's a reason why tennis is better than football...

Oh, and I hope Katie does better next year too!

Friday, June 30, 2006


I'm sorry to have to be so blunt in saying this, but I rock, seriously. After writing this, I went into the same offices to find a box on the floor of Staff King's office. Inside it were loads of bits of metal and there was a little note on the top (which I read, obviously)...

Dear Staff,

Here are the 80 tent pegs you wanted.

From CFN Watkins.

What are the chances that that guys name was Watkins?? WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!?!!

It's like the time I managed to guess Tom's amazing bowling score exactly. I'm starting to think I have magical powers. In fact no, I'm certain of it, I definitely do.

I haven't blogged for a while, and I'm sorry, but here are a few things I have to say to you...
- They are trying to make me wear this jacket thing at work. But I am REFUSING to. And nearly every day I get 'where's your jacket, where's your jacket, why aren't you wearing your super cool jacket, where's the blue jacket, WHERE'S THAT JAAACKEEET?!?!?!' from the soldiers in the store office. But, now I can laugh back at them because I know they envy my job, which is very sad for them, because I am a CLEANER (but only for 2 more weeks!).
- The plans for my holiday with mum to Austria is starting to unfold... it's going to be exciting!!! wooo
- I ate the BIGGEST CAKE EVER today, and I'm extremely pleased with myself. Mmmmm. I'm still full.

Oh yes, and one more thing....

COME ON MURRAY!!!!! He plays again tomorrow whoop whoop! And England, of course. The Germans have managed it, so we can as well!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Trust the British Army....

Whilst I was at work yesterday I overheard this conversation....

*An officer walks in, and calls the name of the soldier that is in the room* (I can't remember what his name actually was, so lets just call him Watkins....*

Officer: Watkins!

Watkins: *Stands up* Yes Sir?

Officer: Can you do something for me?

Watkins: Yes, of course Sir.

Officer: Well, you don't really have to do anything, but will you just be part of the platoon for tomorrow morning?

Watkins: Platoon, Sir?

Officer: *Pause* You know... for the, errr... egg throwing contest. There'll be a briefing for the whole platoon in the morning. That was all.

Watkins: Yes Sir, of course, the egg throwing contest, how could I forget?! See you in the morning Sir.

They never cease to amaze me, really. It would have been much more exciting if he had got an order about something secret or driving a tank or something, but no.

In all their glory they've recently started a new thing of security checking everyone that starts to work for them, meaning I had to miss out on a week of getting paid because of their ridiculous and unecessary policies. Me, though, SERIOUSLY?! Why check me?? I have three reasons why it's utterly silly:

1. I can't even unscrew the lid off the top of a bottle, what other harm can I do, really? Steal a tank? Fire a gun? I think not.
2. I've worked for them before. What makes me more dangerous now than I was last summer? Hmm?!
3. I've probably lived in this place longer than they have. Doesn't that count for ANYTHING?


Friday, June 16, 2006


I'm going with my mum to Holland today with my mum to stay with my aunt and uncle for the weekend. My grandparents, who have been here for just over a week are coming too to stay with them for a week. We're going to Amsterdam tomorrow too yay! This will be the third time I've been to Amsterdam.

Trip 1 consisted of Anne Franks house and a canal boat cruise

Trip 2 was the 'Art galleries trip' and me and mum went to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh

Trip 3 will consist of a lovely walk down one of the most popular canal routes, the Willet-Holthuysen museum and the Joods Historish Museum (the largest Jeish museum outside of Israel ooh). So, I'm sure I'll be able to give you a very extensive history lesson when I get back. We were planning to go on a cycle route in one ofthe national parks on Sunday and I threw a tantrum when she said we weren't going to do it because she thought we'd be too tired... but I suppose she's right... after all I'll be walking around all day Saturday and I do start the most horrible job EVER again on Monday morning....

Well... I must be off I can hear my mama calling....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

(In a Yorkshire accent) Ooh aren't we lovely? hehe

This photo was taken on my grandads 80th birthday and is me and my siblings Gemma (left), Sarah (middle), Steven (back) and moi (right).

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Is it wrong to want to go back to uni already???

I want my summer to be over so that I can do THIS. My friend Jon just said that he was planning on going with Lizzi and Zoe at Sheffield Uni and NO WAY am I missing out on this.

Here's exactly what we're hoping to go to.

It might be a while before we're as good as the couple in that video though...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mum: I don't think I'm going to survive the week. I can't cope with this. At least I can come to you for some sanity!

Me: Seriously, mum, if you're wanting some sanity, you're coming the wrong way! There isn't any in my direction!

And as I've always said........ I don't suffer from insanity...... I enjoy every minute of it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Kids say the funniest things

I've started reading 'The Other Side of the Dale' by Gervase Phinn, which is a story about a school inspector inthe Yorkshire Dales, and found this bit funny so I thought I'd share a bit about a boy named John with you. Kids really do say the silliest things...

When he was little, Mrs Brown told me, he had been awakened by his father one night and taken into the byre to see the birth of a black Angus calf. The vet had suggested that it was about time the boy saw this miracle of nature. John had stood on a bale of hay in the cattle shed, staring in the half light as the great cow strained to deliver her calf. The small, wet, furry bundle soon arrived and the vet, wet with perspiration and with a triumphant look on his face, had gently wiped the calf's mouth and then held up the new-born creature for the little boy to see. John had stared wide-eyed.
'What do you think of that?' the vet had asked him. 'Isn't that a wonderful sight?'
John had thought for a moment before replying. 'How did it swallow the dog in the first place?' he asked.